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CWA 7270 Metro

Member/Retiree plus Spouse



5pm doors open

6pm Dinner

Holiday Inn Lakeville

Come bring your Spouse or significant other for dinner and DJ/Karaoke and Door Prizes.

RSVP with Janelle  by 2/24 at



Contract has been ratified

Yes - 61

No - 29

Ratification Meetings!


Monday, June 15th

Metro- Celts Farmington 7:30pm


Tuesday June 16th

LeCenter- Office 9am

Fairmont- Jake's Pizza- 5pm


Wednesday June 17th


City Limits 6:30pm


*Ballots are being sent out by US Mail



Bargaining Update!



Your Bargaining Committee Reached a Tentative Agreement with Frontier Communications today.

We feel that a fair contract has been reached and will be bringing the information back to the membership on 5/15 to 5/18. 

Dates and locations for Ratification Meetings will follow soon.  We are attempting to have the Metro Meeting 5/15 or 5/16 and outstate to follow.

Make sure to call the Union Voicemail 952-985-1400 or the facebook page for CWA Local 7270.




Today was the 10th day of Bargaining with Frontier Communications. 

The last few weeks has been very frustrating, we keep pushing for what is right for the members of Local 7270.  While we have agreed on many smaller issues, we still are at odds on many of the important issues still on the table.

Many issues are still being negotiated and we are confident that we will eventually reach a Tentative Agreement.

We have extended the contract through June 15, 2015 and will continue meetings with the company the week starting June 1st.

Stay Tuned.....



Today marked day #7 of negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with Frontier Communications.  Your Bargaining Committee has been fighting hard to represent the members of Local 7270.

The Bargaining Committee has introduced over 40 proposals put forth by the members of Local 7270 and are fighting to get as many of the proposals into our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The company has pushed back on most of the proposals and we are holding strong at this point.

We have discussed healthcare, training, work tours, overtime, holidays, and have barely scratched the surface on economics and wages.

We will fight for a fair and equitable contract for all of the members.

At this time there is no call to action, stay tuned!!

your Bargaining Committee.


Watch your mail for Contract Change Proposal Forms.  They will be mailed out in the next few weeks.

Remember, this is where you can help  identify things that are wrong or errors, or omissions, or even just changing or adding language to provide protections for you and your brothers and sisters of CWA Local 7270.

The form will also be online shortly if you choose to fill it out online.


Results of Officer Elections for CWA Local 7270

President- Karen Kiser

Vice President- Carson Turnquist

Secretary/Treasurer- Janelle Schadt


LOCAL 7270


CWA Local 7270 Annual Meeting is scheduled for SUNDAY October 19th at the New Ulm Holiday Inn. 

There is a brunch provided for by the Local at 12pm, with the meeting to follow at approximately 1pm.

SUMMER/FALL Newsletter Was Just sent out.

Did you receive the Newsletter in the Mail?

If not, please advise your Steward of your new mailing address.

Frontier Communications Shareholder Meeting May 14th, 2014

CWA will provide us with recommendations on how to vote your Proxy votes for the Shareholder Meeting.  CWA does have a Proposal to introduce, more information to come soon.

As of today, I am not sure if I will be in attendance yet.  We are awaiting word if the SIF funds are there with the National to pay the expenses.  If the SIF covers the expenses, I plan on speaking at the meeting.

Attention Members

Is your Union Jacket looking worn?

Its been almost 10 years since we last ordered them. 

Its time once again to order them and we have selected a high quality Union Made Jacket.

 These 3 in 1 Columbia Style jackets with a removable vest will come in Black and in sizes S to 4XL.  The jackets will have the CWA Logo and Local 7270 embroidered on them and you will have the option to add your name at no charge to you. 

We have ordered samples in sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL.

In accordance with our By-Laws each member that would like to order a jacket will be required to contribute $20.00 towards the cost of the jacket.  Jackets will ONLY be ordered for those who have pre-ordered and paid their $20 deposit.

Stewards will have samples and order sheets shortly.


Contract Ratified by a very close margin.  All health care changes will be in effect as of January 2013 and all wage increases are retroactive to 6/1/2012.

Ratification notes will be on the bargaining page soon.


June 1st, 2012

Today your bargaining committee received Frontier Communications Final Contractual Offer and have reached a Tentative Agreement.

We will be setting up Informational Meetings to review each proposed change to the contract during the week of June 11th. 

On June 12th there will be 2 meetings in the Metro Area, one will be at 9:30am and one will be at 7:00pm. 

On June 13th we will have a morning meeting in the LeCenter office and an evening meeting in Fairmont

On June 14th we will have an evening meeting in Slayton

Meeting locations and exact details will follow soon.


May 31st, 2012

Your committee is still working on reahing a tentative agreement with Frontier Communications.  We are still at the table this evening and are working into the evening trying to reach a tentative agreement prior to the expiration of the contract.

At this time, we are optimistic of reaching a tentative agreement prior to midnight, but we are hopeful.  Your committee is determined to fight back regressive proposals and to bring back the best possible contract for all of our members.

Please check back daily for updates, as we will try to keep you as up to date as possible.


May 21st, 2012

The following is an update from the bargaining committee

We just completed our second week of bargaining with frontier communications,  Both sides have passed numerous proposals back and forth across the table

With two weeks of bargaining completed,  we are not close to a tentative agreement.  However the bargaining team will be meeting again with Frontier Communications at the end of this month.

 We are  hopeful to have a tentative agreement reached prior to the expiration of the contract being May 31, 2012

At this time there is no call to action, we have prepared picket signs if needed, and stewards are taking your sizes for T-shirts to be distributed as soon as possible.

So please make sure to check the voice mail and to wear your CWA shirts on Thursdays and in the meantime your bargaining committee will be working hard at the table to reach a tentative agreement,


May 9th 2013– Frontier Shareholder’s Meeting

The CWA will be inside to speak for Frontier’s workers & to Rally outside

When you get your proxy please follow CWA’s recommendations on how to vote.


Item 1:  Election of 11 directors……………………….VOTE NO

Item 2: Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation….......VOTE NO

$6.7 million for Maggie Wilderotter’s total compensation? Average payments of $13.5 million for “constructive termination?”  $7.5 for death or disability?

This should not be approved while management continues their attacks on our members at every Bargaining Table.

Item 3: Approval of the Auditor…………………..............VOTE YES

Item 4: the AFL-CIO Proposal on splitting the CEO and the Chairman of the Board Position…………………….VOTE YES

Item 5: Arbitration of Shareholder Disputes……………..VOTE NO

Please see the President's Desk for a Bargaining Update


Tell Congress to support The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Bill

With American families struggling, it's time for companies to bring good jobs home. Foreign call centers not only ship jobs abroad, but they endanger our confidential personal information because they operate without U.S. data regulation.

You can tell lawmakers to support the U.S. call center bill. The bill would build jobs in America by:

Creating a customers' right to know—Ending the secrecy about call center locations, so outsourcers and offshorers can't hide anymore.

Forcing companies that outsource abroad to return federal funding—Because our hard-earned tax dollars shouldn't go to support corporations that ship American jobs to foreign countries.

Giving you the right to be transferred to a US-based operator.

But we need your support. Members of Congress will only sign on if they hear our voices loud and clear. Use our simple tool to send a message to your members of Congress.

Click Here for link on how YOU can help support the bill!


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Please email us at
with the following information:

Current Address
Email Address
Contact Phone Number

American Crystal Sugar Workers Locked Out
BCTGM Local 167G President John Riskey issued the following statement today:

“Today, American Crystal Sugar workers in Moorhead, East Grand Forks, Crookston, and Chaska, MN, Hillsboro and Drayton, ND, and Mason City, IA showed up to work only to find their company has locked them out. Instead of letting 1300 people continue working while a fair contract is negotiated, American Crystal Sugar executives have instead decided to hurt our communities with an unnecessary lockout.

The company has the power to immediately end this lockout and return to the negotiating table. We want to get back to work and back to the negotiating table as soon as possible.

We’re not asking for much. We’re asking for a contract that doesn’t put our jobs in jeopardy. We’re asking to continue health coverage that won’t put our families in financial ruin if someone gets sick. We’re asking to continue the short-term disability coverage we’ve been paying for nearly 30 years. We’re asking for an agreement that benefits the company, farmers, workers, and the entire community.

For years, Sugar Workers have stood shoulder to shoulder with the company to protect the sugar industry from harmful government policies and unfair trade agreements. This partnership has allowed farmers to get a good price for their crop, the company to make record profits, and for the workers to earn a living to support their families and local businesses. It has been a win-win situation. We want to continue this partnership and want to go back to work.”

If you haven't already, sign our petition supporting sugar workers.

Stand up for Collective Bargaining Rights!

Collective bargaining rights and the right to organize have been under corporate assault for three decades. The frontline in the news today is Wisconsin public workers. Tomorrow's headlines will feature the fights led by CWA in Ohio and New Jersey.

Click on this link to CWA Website to see how you can get involved

CWA wants you to test  your Internet Speed:

Test is free and sponsored by Speed Matters, which supports Affordable High Speed Internet for All Americans.

1st Annual CWA 7270 Member Picnic

We would like to thank all of the following for their time and efforts to make our picnic a success!!!
Randy Wiebel
Margarete Schroeder
Don Wilson
Janelle and Matt Schadt
Ken and Kathy Schadt
Dan and Norma Zabel
Justin Elevstad
Zach Rademacher
Rhonda Rademacher
Deb Siebenaler

Pictures Needed!

CWA President Larry Cohen at Convention

(Picture of Larry Cohen at Convention in Las Vegas, 2008.)

Please forward pictures of any of our Union Members in action to Carson and they will be published in our Photo Gallery.


CWA Local #7270 Meetings


Metro Area Meeting


All meetings at Celt's Farmington at 7pm.

Pizza provided


Upcoming Dates-

E-Board Meeting Holiday Inn

State Membership Meeting New Ulm Holiday Inn



October 24th, 2015


Holiday Inn, Lakeville, Mn


Executive Board Meeting-



Holiday Inn, New Ulm

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